Unexpected Return!

Hi, gosh I can’t believe I’ve been gone from WordPress for three months. Has it really been that long since I last posted?

From here on out, I will be posting my latest blog on the Friday afternoon (UK time), starting January 23rd, 2015, and any planned breaks will be mentioned in advance.

My previous break was unintentional and related to various things occurring simultaneously, or so it felt at the time. In fact they happened one after another, boom, boom, boom. My course started and I learnt a great deal about children’s fiction and myself, this was followed by my mother’s operation, and christmas with all the trimming (I did all the baking and cooking in the lead up to it {reading between the lines; within days of the event itself}) what can I say, time ran away from me.

I hope the forthcoming blogs will be enjoyed as much as the previous ones were.

So, until next time… Take care, and have a wonderful weekend. Cos let’s face it, in this harsh, hard world we are all just living for the weekend!

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