Mooning Moomins

Children often get things wrong or mixed up in their thirst to learn and engage with their environment. This is a healthy part of their development, to be curious. It’s when they’re not you gotta start worrying.

I recently walked past a window display celebrating seventy years of Tove Janssen’s work in the Piccadilly branch of Waterstone’s and I was reminded of this profound memory slash impression I had as a child.

I remember watching a cartoon entitled ‘Moomies’ about these little so-called cuties animals, that I and others were suppose to find adorable, yet what I recall is their scary high-pitched druggy sounding voices and non-individualistic alien appearance that must’ve been the inspiration for the laugh out loud episode of ‘The Simpsons’ in which Mr. Burns wanders off into the woods away from a secret rejuvenating treatment keeping him alive leading Homer to call in Mulder and Scully. In other words they freaked heck out of me.

But this is where it gets weird. At some point I become aware of a group of people who like to have mass marriages in stadiums better known as the Moonies! So what, right?!

Somehow I became convinced that the ‘Moomins’ was the story of the Moonies. Being unaware at this point of the existence of cults, I believed it for years. To this day I have no idea how I made this cockeyed connection. I suspect ‘Serial’ a funny American film made in the eighties but set in the seventies is responsible!

So, who else has had one of these strange experiences while growing up and can still remember it to this day?

Mass Moonie wedding

Mass Moonie wedding

Moomins' gathering

Moomins’ gathering

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