Procrastination or Doubt?

With so much to captivate our attention, it’s no wonder we often finds ways to procrastinate. Be it the myriad of social media only a mouse click away, my personal favourite; TV box set marathons, or plain old household chores. But no matter what, we are all very good at using procrastination to avoid deeper issues such as doubts or worries that our writing just doesn’t ‘cut the mustard’. Perhaps it isn’t doubts that seizes us, but that gnarling fear of the blank page and and the crawling dread of the blank mind.

However the drive to write can be honed into the act of writing.

Simply put: Sit down at your computer/laptop, or at a desk with a notebook/sheet of paper and pen…

Start writing. Be it creating a character or two, a situation or event. Use your cat, your dog, even yourself as a jumping off point. Just allow yourself to let go.

DO NOT at this point overthink, or analysis the quality of your writing.

In order to produce quality writing, you must complete (in other words finish) a first draft of work. It doesn’t have to be a novel, it can be a short prose piece, a poem, anything as long as it has an ending.

From here? you give yourself a pat on the back, leave it in a desk drawer or folder safely tucked away. A few days later, a week or month later you return and re-read it. Again refrain from the analysis of or focusing on any so-called bad writing.

It is only now you are ready for the next hurdle – editing your work and crafting it into a second draft.

Judy Blume posted a tweet recently, it went something like this,

Work, work, work, that’s how it gets done.

Anything worth a damn only ever comes from hard graft.

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